Sexual Harassment in the workplace

2022 version   


The Labour Relations Act  requires all employers to inform their staff which behavior is regarded as  Sexual Harassment



This Act has a very broad definition of Sexual Harassment ranging from Innuendo to rape

Placing this chart in work areas simplifies disciplinary actions by removing the common excuses


I forgot

You did not tell me

I did not understand 


The easy to understand descriptions of sexual harassment make staff realize that unwanted sexual behavior may lead to disciplinary action

Based on The Labour Relations Act 1995 “Code of good practice on the handling of sexual harassment” and  section 203(2)

This code Includes jokes of an off colour, screen savers, porno type wall pictures, unwanted Comments in email form etc.

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  Zulu version 




Language  -  Available in English and Zulu
Size               396 mm x 396 mm  
Printed in      Blue ink onto  THICK white PLASTIC board (LAMINATED)