Schedule “D”    for machinery

2022 version  



Part of General Machinery Regulations section 9.2

Available in  English & Afrikaans  and  English & Zulu 

Required to be displayed by every employer whose employees use machinery, trucks tools, fork-lifts, drills, jack lifts, spray paint guns, concrete mixers, hoists etc.

 Please remember        it is a criminal offense if  schedule “D” is not displayed in every work area  

                                           where machinery is used 



English and Afrikaans version 



Charts should be prominently displayed in each working section. It is also advisable to place a chart in each training room.


Price R135

Language  -   English and Zulu on the same side  /   English and Afrikaans on the same side
Size                396 mm x 396 mm  
Printed in      Blue ink onto  THICK white PLASTIC board (LAMINATED)