Summary of Labour Relations Act 

2022 version



 This summary covers  :-

Purpose of this Act   Exclusion from application of this Act   Interpretation of this Act 
Employees’ right to freedom of association   Protection of employees and persons 
Seeking employment   Employers’ right to freedom of association  Rights of trade unions and employers’ organizations   Procedure for disputes   Burden of proof   Trade union representativeness   Trade union access to workplace   Deduction of trade union subscriptions or levies   Trade union representatives   Leave for trade union activities    Disclosure of information  Legal effect of collective agreement   Establishment of bargaining councils   Powers and functions of bargaining council   Right to strike and recourse to look out    Limitations on right to strike or recourse to lock out     Workplace Forums definitions in this chapter    General functions of workplace forum    Establishment of CCMA   Independence of Commission    Composition of Labour Court   Jurisdiction of Labour Court    Representation before Labour Court    Costs   Representation of employees or employers   This act binds the state     Short title and commencement


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