Duties of every Employee at work (section 14 &15) of OH&S Act

2022 version



Section 14 and 15 of the act contain rules your employees must follow to safeguard  their health and the safety of others at work.



English & Afrikaans version 



 Use these rules when conducting disciplinary meetings  

 a)          Employee’s duty to take reasonable care for his health & safety.

b)          Follow the rules imposed by the act on his employer

c)          Carry out any lawful order given to him and obey the H&S rules and procedures of the firm

             d)          Report any situation which in his opinion could be unsafe or unhealthy.


e)          Report any incident which may have affected his health or caused him any injury

             before the end of the shift.

f )          Must not recklessly damage any safety equipment given to him.


The act also requires employers to inform their staff of these duties (sec 8,2,e and g)

Failure to inform could lead to a fine of up to R50 000 and one year imprisonment (sec 38).


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