Summary of COID Act No 130 of 1993

2022 version    


Summary of Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act  






Definitions       Right of employee to compensation    Accidents outside Republic    Application of Act to seamen and airmen     Special circumstances in which Director-General may refuse award Special circumstances in which Director-General may make award    Employee requiring constant help       Liability for payment of compensation      Compensation may not be alienated or reduced        Cession or relinquishment of benefits void    Compensation not to form part of deceased employee's estate    Substitution of compensation for other legal remedies   Recovery of damages and compensation paid from third parties    Threats and compulsion    Notice of accident by employee to employer         Particulars in support of claim    Employee to submit to medical examination         Claim for compensation    Prescription    Consideration of claim    Compensation for occupational diseases            Presumption regarding cause of occupational disease    Calculation of compensation        Notice of occupational disease by employee and employer    Conveyance of injured employee     Medical expenses    Contributions by employees towards cost of medical aid prohibited Medical aid provided by employers    Disclosure of information  Regulations    False statements          Accidents outside Republic    Penalties          Repeal of laws    Short title and commencement  Schedule 2 

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