Summary of the Basic Conditions of Employment  Act   

2022 version

Section 30 

Includes all changes required by the National Minimum Wage Act 2018

Latest version -  Parental leave- Adoptive leave - Commissioning parental leave - Family responsibility leave
as of Feb 2020 

This wall chart is required to be displayed by every employer except those who belong to a collective agreement concluded by their bargaining council.   


2022    English version BCEA1 A





 If this agreement does not include the ADMIN. staff then this chart must be displayed in admin. areas.  

Charts should be prominently displayed in working areas, canteens, washrooms etc.  per employee


Price R145

Language  -  Available in    English   
Size                600mm x 500mm  
Printed in      Blue ink onto  THICK white PLASTIC board (LAMINATED)

 SORRY  Discontinued -----   Zulu version   


Discontinued -----   Afrikaans version   BCEA1B

Summary of the Basic Conditions of Employment  Act   

Section 30