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                                        Latest version of Basic conditions of employment Act summary includes Parental - Adoptive - Commissioning leave - Family responsibility leave as of 1st Feb 2020                                                   


Summary of General Safety Regulations

2020 version 

Price R145  (free  delivery   country wide)

Regulates your employees behavior while they work perform their duties 




Definitions       Welding, flame cutting, soldering    First aid , Emergency Equipment    Supervision of building works    Use and storage of flammable liquids  Roof work    Work in confined spaces           Ladders    Work in elevated positions    Ramps    Working in danger of engulfment       Boatswain’s Chairs    Staking of articles    Scaffold framework    Scaffold   platforms   Trestle scaffolds


Language  -  Available in English only
Size              600mm x 500mm  
Printed in      Blue on white PLASTIC