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The Labour Department’s Acts & Regulations

Did you know?  You can protect your business with just R 680  

To help small to medium sized businesses our experts  have created a protection kit to help you comply with The Labour Departments requirements:-

 For only R680 you will receive  


7 full size labour posters containing  the Acts and Regulations  you should display for best protection:-

·   1   Summary of Basic Conditions of Employment Act 2020

·   1   Summary of Occupational Health & Safety Act  2020

·   1   General Safety Regulations  2020

·   1   Summary of Driven Machinery Regulations  2020

·  1   “No Alcohol Drugs or Medication” in workplace

·  1   “Legal Duties” of Employees at work

·   1   Schedule “D” for machinery


to see full information and photos of these charts click menu option "Touch to see wall charts" above 


All 7 wall chart are made of high quality industrial plastic    (not laminated paper)

· plastic lasts for years      giving you years of protection


Staying on the right side of the CCMA and Labour Inspectors is difficult

To help you understand the important rules and regulations you face daily when dealing with your staff


We’ve included a free cd containing:-  

An extremely important FREE e-book

 A 46 page Labour Legislation Guideline e-book

 explaining in easy to understand English the many CCMA rules & Regulations-affecting you

including  :-

·        How to conduct disciplinary procedures

·        Verbal warnings

·        Written warnings

·        How to conduct “Disciplinary Enquires” correctly

·        Legal notes on the employee

·        Criminal offenses committed by employees

·        Disciplinary Guidelines for Management

·        Computer security & internet policy

·        Notice periods

·        Sexual Harassment

·        and many more important CCMA rules explained.


Plus       14 different  A4 size safety posters  

(Posters you can print using your printer as often as you need)

For example :

      How to lift heavy loads correctly

         Employees must wear PPE

         This is a drugs free workplace

          Safety Saves lives   Quality protects ….

         Wear ear protection


We’ve done the hard work for you   All you need do is print and stick up.


Plus       A 72 step Health & Safety checklist    

to help you self audit your businesses' Health & Safety position.

It’s important to discover any safety issues before an injury or accident happens.

This Microsoft Excel template can be easily adapted to your requirements.

Print it weekly or monthly and be sure your safety rep is covering the inspections correctly.


Plus    Would you like to know what checklist a Labour Inspector uses when inspecting your premises?

We’ve included a copy of the checklist   

because forewarned is forearmed

Now you’ll never be caught off guard.


Yes      R680 gets you all the above

Plus  Free courier delivery to your street address