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                                        Latest version of Basic conditions of employment Act summary includes Parental - Adoptive - Commissioning leave - Family responsibility leave as of 1st Feb 2020                                                   




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To help engineering firms meet their

OH&S legal poster requirements  

our experts have designed this special package.

The 7 Department of Labour laws & regulations

legal posters you need to display all for only R670

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 To help all small - medium businesses

 only R680   very easy on your budget

 The 7 legal posters you need    plus

 a CD containing a huge amount of

  info on CCMA do's & dont's

  as well as a 71 step safety check list

  and more    click to see full details

                                               By placing charts where your employees have free access to

                                                            this information   you:-

                                                            Save R1000's in fines and legal fees  

                                                            Make disciplinary hearings easier 

                                                            Show the Labour Inspector your company is pro active

                                                            Comply with LABOUR & CCMA requirements  


                            Since 1998 we've protected a wide range of companies - big and small

                                                  let us protect yours 


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